SYSTRAN's partners are an extension of our team, enabling people all over the world to choose the ideal solution to address their globalized business needs.

Building synergy for innovative technological interactions applied to business and market needs as added value in all type of ecosystems where SYSTRAN Partners excel in proposing the right solution to end-customer project needs.

SYSTRAN Business Partner
SYSTRAN Business Partner

Business Partner

Certified companies who do business
(product, services, integration) on top of SYSTRAN

Across Across Systems GmbH is the manufacturer of the Across Language Server, a market-leading software platform for all corporate language resources and translation processes.

Aerow AEROW is a Digital Services Company, founded in 2004 by Marc Wolff and Jérôme Pechot, specializing in Consulting, Integration, and Information Management for businesses. You'll find us in Paris as well as in the South of France near Toulouse with AEROW GSO!

Ager Business Ager, acting as an expert within the customers team provides IT Consulting and Integration services aiming to the customer’s business development.

BertinIT We are publisher and integrator of cutting-edge software solutions dedicated to Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence, Strategic Intelligence and Speech Processing.

Cogito Solutions Cogito Solutions Ltd. is established in year 1998, specifying business is software distribution, computer consulting and computer programming in Hong kong and Asia.

Crosslang Consulting and systems integration company dedicated to translation automation technology.

CSF IT service provider for translation business with specialization of supporting language desk and language providers.

Cy4gate CY4GATE provides Governments with disruptive software and hardware solutions to succeed in defensive and offensive operations through the use of electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), communications, operating systems and wired networks.

EDVIT In 2013, we set sails to deliver Ednit (evolved) Services & Solutions, with a fundamental belief that, to every problem there exist numerous solutions, simplicity through innovation, is what makes a solution unique.

ExpertSystem Leader in semantic technology and the creators of the patented Cogito semantic technology.

Heisoft Publishing HEISOFT AG is the specialist for integrated machine translation in companies and authorities and for professional translation software.

Infosquare Integration of the best EIM solutions in companies through our Technical Consulting services. Ability to engage in the implementation of sustainable solutions based on the anticipation of needs and knowledge of technologies.

ISEEurope Founded in 2005, Integrated Solutions Enterprise Europe is a company based in Brussels (Belgium), specialized in the Supply Chain Management for Semiconductor and OEM industry.

LearningWell LearningWell was founded in 2003. The idea was to use the collapse of the IT bubble as a springboard to do something different – to trust your gut instinct when looking for customers and colleagues.

MONTANA MONTANA has been an influential medium-size firm on the Hungarian IT market for more than twenty-eight years.

ONTRAM – Andra Solutions ONTRAM is a completely web-based Translation Management System (TMS) which supports you in your production of business translations while removing the biggest impediments of the production line in one go.

RICOM The RICOM IT Systemhaus is a competent and reliable partner in IT security: Our goal is the security of your personal data.

SoftwareOne SoftwareONE’s 3000 technology consultants across 145 countries helps customers optimize their software spend by ensuring their IT investments are cost-effectively roadmapped from a compliance, commercial, and technical perspective through our comprehensive Software Portfolio Management methodology.

SYSTRAN Advisor Partner
SYSTRAN Advisor Partner

Advisor Partner

Individuals or Companies who bring deals to SYSTRAN

GetAcross GetAcross Interpretation: Speak with an interpreter on the phone. GetAcross Translation: Next-generation collaborative solution.

Lexcelera Lexcelera was founded in Paris, France in 1986 by a Canadian, Lori Thicke, who recognized that high-quality translation services were the key to helping companies win new international markets.

PROXEM For the past 20 years, Proxem has focused its efforts on semantic analysis technologies to provide companies with the best possible understanding of the language.

PSDS Cooperation for better translation solutions: PSDS Datat initiates collaboration with PAP model to help organizations with improved service and implementation of software-based translation solutions.

Softline Softline is a leading global IT (information technology) solution and service provider focused on emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Americas, South-East Asia, India. Our services include public and private cloud solutions, end-to-end technology solutions, software licensing, hardware products and broad array of associated products.

SYSTRAN Services Partner
SYSTRAN Services Partner

Services Partner

Companies who do service on top of SYSTRAN, do not aim to resell SYSTRAN as a stand-alone business

24Translate Translations made to order – high-quality, fast and good.

Accenture BV Accenture is answering real business challenges for our clients through innovation and deep industry knowledge.

Alvarez and Marsal A&M provides global leadership, problem solving and value creation for companies across industries and around the world.

DILTRA Diltra International Translation & Document Management JSC is a leading multi-language translation service vendor located in Turkey with more than 25-years of experience in the fields of translation, localization, terminology management and proofreading.

EXLService EXL looks deeper to help companies increase efficiency, improve profitability, reduce risk, simplify compliance, and find new channels for growth. When our clients succeed, we win.

Genpact Genpact is a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation for our clients, putting digital and data to work to create competitive advantage.

GeoText a Lionbridge Company Geotext Translations: meeting the multilingual needs of legal professionals worldwide.

Lexifone Add automatic voice translation and transcription to your telephone service / app / video conferencing / Call center through Lexifone API's.

RRDonnelley RRD ​is a global, integrated communications provider enabling organizations to create, manage, deliver and optimize their multichannel marketing and business communications.

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