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75 % of companies experienced an Intellectual Property theft in 2015 and
20 % of respondents indicated that it is due to the high increase in outsourcing.

Bron: Global Fraud Report Vulnerabilities on the Rise - Kroll

New markets open doors to new languages...
...and threats

To compete in today's globalized marketplace and to comply with international rules and regulations, your company's product collaterals must be accurately translated across a range of languages. However it is precisely at this stage that the company know-how could be leaked mainly because of the use of free online translation tools and outsourcing of translation projects.

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Translating a patent in chinese costs 3000 EUR. Statiscally Pharma & Chemicals companies file thousands of patents per year, to protect their know-how.
Reduce your external translation costs and time to market with Pure Neural™ Machine Translation.

SYSTRAN securely translates:

Instruction for useStudy ProtocolsSummary of Product CharacteristicsClinical TrialsPackaging & Labeling
Clinical RegulatoryProduct SpecificationsStandard Operating Procedures (SOPs)Researches MaterialsPatents
Training and User ManualsMarketing MaterialsLegal DocumentsData SheetsCase Report Forms

Let's do some math...

3000€. That's the average price for an English to Chinese translation for 1 patent. So, translating 50 patents a year would cost your company 150.000€/year. This amount is equivalent to ten (10) years of unlimited SYSTRAN Enterprise Server (including maintenance)*.

50 translated patents = 10 years of unlimited translation
with SYSTRAN solution customized with your terminology.

*SYSTRAN Enterprise Server 8: Standard Edition, including maintenance, up to 2500 users and 1 Language Pair included.

Customer Use Case

Enhance Real-Time Multilingual Communication while keeping Intellectual Property safe.

The CISO of a multinational pharma company was looking for a secure Multilingual Collaboration tool to protect group communication, Intellectual Property and reduce costs & time to market.

SYSTRAN quickly emerged as a leading partner due to its experience, reputation in the market and ability to offer in-house solutions. SYSTRAN also provided linguistic customizations to integrate company's terminology and improve the translation quality specific to the Life Sciences industry.


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Let's conquer the world together!

Content and process centralization

SYSTRAN delivers a fully integrated solution within your IT infrastructure providing you a tailored and secured translation.

Customized solution

Customized solution tailored to your industry

Whatever your industry, SYSTRAN integrates your business and sector terminology to ensure accurate and consistent translations.

Customized solution tailored to your industry
Content and process centralization

Content and process centralization

SYSTRAN's solution enables the centralization of both your translation processes and user dictionaries.

Your teams can use pre-existing translations of technical terms to translate new content.

Content and process centralization
Intellectual property protection

Intellectual property protection

Your data, confidential information and trade secrets do not leave your company.

SYSTRAN's solution can be implemented on-premises or hosted on a dedicated server.

Intellectual property protection
Productivity gains

Productivity gains

As timelines become tighter and competition increases, SYSTRAN is a business-oriented solution that help you to maximize your productivity while reducing translation costs.

Productivity gains

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